Posted on Mar 8, 2019

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New Post: Daylight Savings March 10, 2019 – check your smoke alarms! -

I know, I know - Daylight Savings time is this weekend, March 10, 2019 at 2:00am and, let me guess, you're tired of hearing the same old cliché, "Change the batteries in your smoke detectors", right? Well, perhaps I have some good news for some of you that live here in Maryland! With the current Maryland smoke detector law that had a deadline of January 1, 2018 for compliance (it was passed in 2013) and depending on when your home was built, some Maryland residents might not have to change batteries in smoke detectors anymore! For the rest of us, don't worry - they are not getting off that easy as you will find out further in this article. In all seriousness, however, EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE FIRE SAFETY VERY SERIOUSLY as it can literally be the difference between life and death!

Maryland Smoke Alarm Changes You Say?

That's right - Maryland passed a law in 2013 AFFECTING EVERY HOME IN MARYLAND (regardless of age of home) and required that this law be complied with by January 1, 2018. As a licensed Maryland Home Inspector, I take my job seriously, especially when it comes to people's safety. As a husband and father of 3 children, one of whom is a local Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and soon-to-be Paramedic, you had better believe I take Fire Safety VERY SERIOUSLY. I can personally tell you from experience that I find A LOT of homes in Maryland are still not in compliance with...
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